Learning: flower arranging with Midas Touch Crafts

I’m increasingly fond of giving “experiences” as gifts and today I took my mum to a flower arranging course for a belated birthday present. The course was run by a bubbly woman, Naz, at Midas Touch Crafts. Naz runs the workshops with her own mum and all their profits are donated to Cancer Research, which I thought was an added bonus when choosing the course.

At the beginning of the session, Naz talked to us about how to cut flowers correctly, the type of equipment that we could use and gave us handy tips to use on the course and later at home. I really liked her approach to the craft, particularly when she said that “poor, sad, little flowers can become something special”, which I have now experienced for myself.

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The objective of the session was for us to come away with two floral arrangements: a hand held posy and a table arrangement. I did wonder how I would manage this, as I haven’t done any flower arranging since I was a Girl Guide, some 20 odd years ago, but Naz’s enthusiasm was infectious and being a novice didn’t matter at all on this course.

Our first attempt was the table arrangement and Naz gave us step by step instructions to build it up from a plain oasis. I watched with surprise as my flower arrangement slowly grew into something I was pleased with!

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Our second flower arrangement was the posy and I found this one a bit trickier. It was harder because we had to hold the arrangement in our hand and build it stem by stem, as opposed to the first arrangement that was built on the sturdy foundation of the oasis. This was our time to get creative and, although we only had three types of flowers, the room ended up being filled with a huge variety of bouquets and lots of happy crafters.

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I’m so pleased that I booked this course; Mum and I both learnt new skills, we definitely challenged ourselves, and we came away with beautiful floral arrangements! The courses at Midas Touch Crafts can be found here and are well worth a look at.

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