Eat and Drink: Fork Deli, London WC1

Hector (our puppy and the newest member of the Hungry Head family) and I went to meet a friend for lunch today and visited a cute, independent cafe in Bloomsbury. Fork Deli is a quiet, but busy, haven in an historic area of central London with lovely herbal teas, artisan coffee and healthy food, such as homemade quiches, salads and sandwiches. They also have a nice range of cakes!   Hector was made very welcome in this dog-friendly deli and got lots of attention and cuddles from the kind staff. He had just one bone to pick (excuse the pun) and that was that there weren’t any doggy bowls of water or treats available for him, but we always travel with our own so he was just fine. However, he did get the best seat in the house and spent a happy hour looking out the window and keeping an eye on comings and goings in the deli.     


Eat and Drink: Salmontini, London SW1

This weekend, L and I went for an early Valentine’s lunch treat at Salmontini, which serves sushi and modern European cuisine. I overheard the maitre d’ telling another customer that there are two parts to the kitchen and one side makes all the sushi and the other is run by an Italian chef, which seemed like a fascinating way to run a restaurant kitchen to my inexperienced ears!   The menu was mixed up in a slightly strange way with the sushi and the European cuisine, but I actually think that meant it catered nicely for everyone. We both had avocado maki with caviar to start with and it was, without a doubt, some of the tastiest sushi I’ve ever had! I loved the presentation, too – so pretty!   For mains, we had mushroom gnocchi and poached salmon with sautéed green beans. The gnocchi may not have looked as pretty, but it was certainly the star of the table, with a heavenly creamy sauce.   Naturally, we had to make room for desserts and we had a melting hot chocolate bomb and a berry mille feuille. Both were delicious and there were two plates scraped very clean!    

 The restaurant, though very chilly (most of the ladies had to keep their coats or scarves on and I think there was something wrong with the AC), had a relaxed, yet elegant, atmosphere and I loved the jazz playing softly in the background. The service was wonderful and attentive in the best possible way. Definitely somewhere to revisit asap!