Art: from fine art to street art in Berlin (Part 2/2)

I feel that the best way to get to grips with an unknown city is to walk as much as possible. It’s also a chance to practice mindful walking, just taking in your surroundings and going at a slower pace.  So, today, I put on my comfy trainers and pounded the streets in the hope of seeing some of the amazing street art that Berlin is known for. This is what I found: 

And this one is just because it made me think of my puppy! 


Art: from fine art to street art in Berlin (Part 1/2)

Today, was my art day in Berlin. I’d put the whole day aside to explore the galleries, and to keep my eyes peeled for super samples of graffiti as I pounded the streets. 

My favourite art gallery was the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, which was once an old train station. The architecture is simply stunning. I sort of want to live here, just look at all that grey and white, the concrete, the beams, the high ceiling…

These were my favourite pieces at the gallery: 

Anselm Kiefer (above)

Andy Warhol (above)

and this installation by Joseph Beuys (above). 

Such a treat to visit! There’s also a gorgeous restaurant next door: 

Eat and Drink: Vino and Basilico, Berlin MitteĀ 

It’s half term, so it’s time for an adventure! The puppy is with Granny, so L and I are headed off to Berlin, a city that neither of us has visited before. 

First stop, using Google to find the best places to eat. So lucky that we stumbled across this fantastic Italian, Vino & Basilico. 

We were fortunate to meet the owner, who looked after us himself for the evening. The menu is small and very select. Everything we tasted was delightful! 

Had a delicious pecorino flan, which has inspired me to have a go at making my own when I get home. 

This may not look particularly appetising, but it was heavenly plates of scollop risotto and salmon gnudi (like giant gnocchi). We’ve got a few more days, so we may go back…